Séminaire de l'équipe Méthodes et Modèles Formelles (M2F)

LaBRI, Bordeaux

Le séminaire M2F a lieu en salle 178 un mardi sur deux à 14H.

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Prochains exposés

DateOrateurTitreHybride / Virtuel
mardi 8 novembreMikołaj BojańczykThe category of MSO transductionsVirtuel
MSO transductions are binary relations between classes of structures which are defined using monadic second-order logic. For example, the binary relation {(G,T) | T is some spanning tree of G } is an MSO transduction from the class of graphs to the class of trees. MSO transductions form a category, since they are closed under composition. In my talk, I will discuss this category, and show its usefulness by explaining how many notions, such as tree decompositions or recognizability, can be defined by only using MSO transductions. Part of this is rooted in classical results of Courcelle and Engelfriet, but there are new results as well.
mardi 22 novembreNathalie BertrandA CEGAR approach to parameterized verification of distributed algorithmsHybride
Distributed algorithms are central to many domains such as scientific computing, telecommunications and the blockchain. Even when they aim at performing simple tasks, their behaviour is hard to analyze, due to the presence of faults (crashes, message losses, etc.) and to the asynchrony between the processes. Parameterized verification techniques have been developed to prove correctness of distributed algorithms independently of actual setup, i.e. the number of processes and the potential failures. In this talk, we present a CEGAR approach to checking safety and liveness properties for fault tolerant distributed algorithms that use threshold conditions, typically on the number of received messages of a given type.
mardi 6 décembreRémi MorvanTBAHybride
mardi 10 janvierStefan KieferTBAHybride
mardi 24 janvierMoses GanardiTBATBA
mardi 7 févrierTBATBATBA
mardi 21 févrierBalder ten CateTBAHybride

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